The Visa Developer team is heading back to Las Vegas to support developers building with Visa APIs as they compete in the biggest US Fintech hackathon of the year.

The Visa Developer Squad will be on hand to provide assistance to help your hackathon project land in the top of Money 20/20 challenge. We’ll provide on-site technology support, product use-case mentorship and even a Visa UX/UI eye on your design. In advance of the Hackathon, we’re pleased to offer some great webinars to help you prepare (see details below).

Take on the Visa Challenge at the Money 20/20 Hackathon in Las Vegas for a chance to win big!

Visa Challenge

Re-imagine the cardholder experience in a smart city of tomorrow that is totally cashless. How will the customer experience in payments evolve in this setting? 

Using Visa APIs along with third party APIs, build a solution or solutions that could help issuers and/or merchants provide seamless payment experiences through connected devices, mobile applications or other emerging cutting-edge technologies (e.g., VR or AI). 

Visa event team support staff will be on hand to help bring your idea to life.

Read the full challenge and rules here.

Retail Point of Sale

Identity Verification

Urban Mobility

Local Offers

Loyalty & Rewards

Specifically, consider at least one of the following areas:

Visa Challenge Prize

And don't forget, you also compete for a share of the overall Money 20/20 hackathon prize pool:

Read how last year’s winners landed!

The Visa Prize will consist of the following for the winning team:



Awarded as five $4,000 

Visa prepaid cards

Xbox One X

Another X in our prizes... 

True 4K gaming awaits you*

iPhone X

Yield to the hype. 

You know you want it!*


Publicity through Visa’s digital communication channels


Treat your wrist with this new payment-enabled wearable device*

You're invited to Visa’s exclusive Party at Encore Beach Club

* Up to 5 devices (1 device per team member). More details here


Smart City 101 - Webinars 

for Developers

How to build new Smart City solutions using Visa APIs – 10.19 @ 11am PST

How IoT is unlocking new opportunities in the Smart City – 10.18 @ 11am PST

Discover Visa's vision on the Smart City of tomorrow and what new commerce experiences can be imagined.

Join the Visa Developer technology team and learn about APIs that support IoT solutions for retail point of sale, identity verification, local offers and loyalty and rewards.

Join us to learn more about the Smart City and what you need to build it:

All of our API documentation and information can be found on the Visa 

Developer Platform here.

Marqeta Joins the Visa Team

We’re very excited to partner with Marqeta during the hackathon to help developers bring their innovations to life.


     “Developers can build faster using Marqeta’s APIs. Our open APIs have revolutionized the payments issuance process for leading innovators, providing them with the first modern card issuing and core processing platform, powering prepaid, debit and credit cards. We’ll be available throughout the hackathon to guide developers on the best path through our APIs. Best of all, developers will be able to simulate live transactions with real money through a digital wallet.” – Marqeta Team


Read the Tips on How to Integrate with Marqeta in this Developer Blog

Come see us at the Hackathon!

Stop by our booth (or as we call it, hackathon haven) to:


We’ll have plenty of goodies for you, comfy spots for power naps and drone races for when you want to turn the energy level back up...

Plus, the developer tools and resources to help you take your project to the next level! Access mentorship 24/7 and use our hardware to enhance your project and have a next-level demo (AWS IoT Buttons, Echo Show, Muse headbands, Fitbits, etc…) 

Steps to Take




Stop by our booth at Money 20/20 and meet the team

Get trained on the APIs and receive early mentorship

Join the Visa Developer Squad

Use our hardware to take your project to the next level


Meet the Visa Developer Team

Ilkay Can

Sr. Director, Visa Judge

Ritesh Asati

SW Engineer

Erika Eesley

Director, Marketing Support

Jenna Cole

Manager, Marketing Support

Seena Ganesh

Sr. Director, Product Use-case Support

Ricardo Navarro

Community Manager

Navendu Chandra

Sr. Director, Product use-case Support

CJ Dubash

 Product Manager, Visa IoT

Use-case Support

Vardhini Kasam

SW Engineer

Ari Feuer

SW Engineer

Sowmya Saiprasad 

Visa Direct, Sr. Director

Ashwani Kadarmandalgi

SW Engineer

Sunil Joshi

 Director, Visa Direct



Marketing and UX/UI

Charmaine Chen


Nathan Bussiere


Katie McDermott


Erico Rodrigues

 Visa Token Service

Sean Newton 

Product Manager, Developer Platform

Amit Bande 

Director, Developer Platform


Want to get a head start and learn about the Visa APIs?

Need some design tips for a better chance to win the hackathon?

Want to find out more from the Visa Developer Community on ways you can utilize the Visa APIs?

Want to download sample codes?

More information about the Visa Money 20/20 Hackathon


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